Bracelet Sizing Guide

Wrist/Bracelet Sizing Steps:

  • Cut narrow strip of paper
  • Wrap paper around wrist where bracelet will be worn
    • Make sure the paper is flush with skin as you are getting your wrist size
  • Mark on paper where paper overlaps
  • Use ruler to measure distance between beginning of paper and marked spot. This measurement is your wrist size. If you are in between sizes, round up to the nearest .25"
  • Use chart below to locate your wrist size on left side
  • Bracelet size is written to the right
  • Once you know your bracelet size, it is the same for all bead diameters
    • Larger beads require the bracelet to be longer in order to fit correctly
    • Your bracelet length will be longer than your wrist measurement and will vary from a quarter of an inch to a full inch longer.
  • Please email if you have any questions: