Zoom modern white cover | stamped books | CUSTOM

modern white cover | stamped books | CUSTOM


• Customize these personalized stamped books with anything you can think of. Perfect for a personalized gift or to decorate any space in your home. 

• The modern white matte cover is different than our vintage ripped cover collection. We print directly on the matte cover and do not remove them. This is a much more clean and modern look. We think you will love the new style!

• These beautiful neutral books are published with my favorite quotes and hand drawn florals inside! 

These are paperback books and will be wrapped with bubble wrap for shipping. Please be aware that due to shipping, creases sometimes form on the books similar to books bought at the book store. We do our best to prevent this.

• If you are looking for our traditional vintage style, check out the other product listing here:  vintage ripped cover | stamped books | CUSTOM

• Each book measures 8 1/4 X 5 1/2 X 1 "

• All letters will be in lowercase unless requested otherwise in the cart notes.

• Book 1 is the top book, book 2 is the second from top, etc. 

• All books are stamped to order, all sales are final. Please check your spelling and customization before ordering.

modern white cover | stamped books | CUSTOM